The Bavire® multi-point automatic lubrication system is certified for use in Class 1 Division II (Zone 1) Hazardous locations*. It is an environmentally friendly, self contained unit that is concise in stature but big on pressure output. The unit provides precise lubrication at up to a 1,000 psi to a 4-point built in distribution block via a 12V DC battery or an external power source.

The Bavire® can effectively lubricate up to 36 bearing points, reducing maintenance lubrication costs to just pennies a week.

Whether it be retrofitting the Bavire® on those hazardous, hard to reach, manual grease points or replacing a costly centralized lubrication system…

the Bavire® is your cost effective, reliable solution.

* Hazardous locations units are certified for use with Lithium batteries only.